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May 25, 5-8pm
The Magenta Suite 
121R Water Street
Exeter, NH 03833

Brace for the People

This is the official website of Democratic Presidential Candidate, Patricia Brace.  If you are interested in joining our team please contact us below.


Brace for You

Time for Change

Brace for the Environment

There is no greater global issue than the environment. It impacts our economy, health, education, property and way of life. We’ve heard enough politicians and big business tell us what they’re going to do. It won’t happen without the people holding them accountable. It’s up to us to remind them that profits aren’t more important than our backyards.

Brace for Education

As a public school professor Brace has experienced first hand the impact of inadequate funding and federal support for education. Government cannot thrive without an educated and informed population. Too many schools are underfunded, poorly run and not meeting their responsibility to students and their community. We need to be flexible, willing to listen and able to adapt to the needs of today’s students, teachers and communities.

Brace for Healthcare for All

Healthcare choices shouldn’t be driven by their expense. There are a multitude of factors that lead into the health of an individual and the business of healthcare isn’t to determine what can be paid for, it should be how to make a patient healthy. Americans are problem-solvers. Let’s solve this issue before it bankrupts another family.

Brace for Women

It’s amazing that a modern society is still talking about rights for women but it remains a fight we can’t divert our attention from. Income equality, employment opportunities, healthcare options, family planning, maternity leave, sexual harassment and so much will change when you vote for Patricia Brace.

Brace for Immigration

We are a country of immigrants and a Brace administration won’t turn its back on the people, our heritage and those who want to come to this country and contribute, seek asylum or work to provide for their family. How we treat immigrants is a reflection on us and this administration will not waver.

Brace for Equal Rights

The Brace administration will recognize people for being people. We will not tolerate discrimination based on race, sexuality or gender in any manner and we will see that family rights, quality of life, housing, employment and business opportunities are equal and unbiased.

Image credit: Sine Gallery, Black Lives Matter Panel with Damien Davis, Katherine Ramos, Zellie Imani, Alexis Miller and Allen Kwabena Frimpong, moderated by Patricia Brace, Art work by John Amelchenko and Adrienne Elise Tarver


The Campaign Begins

It started with a decision. The decision to run. The decision to make a difference. I am Patricia Brace and I am running for president to make a difference in this country. Join me today.



A Born Politician

Raised on a working sheep farm in rural downeast Maine, Patricia Brace is greatly shaped by her coastal Maine upbringing and familial roots. By the age of 13 Brace was raking blueberries and at 19 discovered her passion for nonprofit businesses and community service as she worked in the foster care sector.  Throughout college, Brace debated law or art school, but finally decided on art school, though law school is still not out of the question.  After art school Brace returned to her work with the foster care community in the state of Maine as a Community Outreach Coordinator for A Family for Me.  In 2012 Brace decided to continue her education in the visual arts and earned her MFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University.  Since graduating Brace has had a successful national and international visual art career and has honed her professorial abilities, teaching both in the private and public sectors.  During her time as a visual artist Brace’s work has become increasingly more political and advocatory in nature, which leads to Brace running for Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2020.  Viewing the role of artists as future predictors, Brace hopes to integrate her training in the visual arts field into that of policy, advocacy and law. Brace currently resides in Biddeford Maine with her partner Chris Hayden and two step daughters.






The Magenta Suite

121R Water Street

Exeter, NH 03833